• “[Mark Owen] has given us a brave retelling of one of the most important events in U.S. military history.”


    -People Magazine

  • “No Easy Day is more than the first primary-source story of the SEAL Team Six raid that killed Osama bin Laden; it’s a single snapshot of the culture within the Navy SEALs.
    -New American
  • “A fast-paced, professional narrative that will appeal to military buffs as well as general readers. The book’s second half delivers a precisely detailed, vivid account of the Osama bin Laden mission. Since bin Laden was a significant figure, historians will consult this book as a primary source; they, as well as most general readers, will not regret it.”
    -Kirkus Reviews
  • “To me, the behind-the-scenes, before-the-raid passages are the most interesting, because they tell us about who our hero is and how he got to be that way….His goal, he says, is to inspire kids the way he was inspired, to work hard, fight for country and be the best. My guess is his book will succeed in that at least. In addition to whatever else it may be, No Easy Day is a product  of our  hero-worshipping culture. It  both  celebrates and breeds a particular kind of man and a particular kind of brotherhood.
    -Sara Nelson, Omnivoracious.com
  • “An absorbing portrait of the work-a-day soldierly professionalism that proved Bin Laden’s nemesis.”
    -Publishers Weekly
  • “The emphasis of No Easy Day, written with Kevin Maurer, is not on spilling secrets. It is on explaining a SEAL’s rigorous mind-set and showing how that toughness is created. The bin Laden story is the marquee event in No Easy Day, of course. But the formative steps in the author’s own story are just as gripping. Mr. Owen’s new information about the Abbottobad attacks adds a human element to much of what has been previously reported. There is no better illustration in No Easy Day that SEALs are ruthless pragmatists. They think fast. They adapt to whatever faces them. They do what they have to do.”
    -Janet Maslin, New York Times
  • “The book is a stomach-twisting close-up look at that historic mission in Abbottabad, told from the point of view of a super-elite member of SEAL Team Six who fired a bullet into bin Laden and helped carry away the corpse. Written in clean, polished prose (with co-author Kevin Maurer), No Easy Day often reads like a gripping novel as the author recounts remarkably vivid details about the weeks of preparation, the agonizing wait as the go-moment grew near, the scary Black Hawk crash that almost ruined everything, and the eerie minutes in bin Laden’s bedroom as the lifeless body of the world’s most wanted man lay bleeding. ‘It was strange to see such an infamous face up close,’ he writes. “Lying in front of me was the reason we had been fighting for the last decade.” No Easy Day puts you right there for every tense moment. A-”
    -Entertainment Weekly
  • “The memoir, written by Owen, has attracted controversy and criticism for whether Owen revealed classified information and whether the 24-man SEAL Team Six conducted itself properly. But what’s missing is a reflection on the book’s strengths — a cast of characters, including Owen himself, artfully drawn, yet painfully human, passionate descriptions of a lifestyle that few are privy to, as well as its breathlessly paced, inexorable march toward an inevitable ending…it’s a remarkably intimate glimpse into what motivates men striving to join an elite fighting force like the SEALS — and what keeps them there.”
    -Associated Press


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